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Maize Milling Plant Technological Process

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Maize milling plant is the main equipment to process corn or maize. In the processing, maize milling plant always include lots of various procedures and sections. Today, let’s mainly learn about maize milling plant technological process. 

Maize milling plant starts to work like this: after impurities removing by the clearing screen, corn enters into the moistening elevator. In the moistening elevator, corn is processed by soaking and moistening, and then enters into the storage tank. Then it is sent to the corn peeling machine for peeling. After peeling, it is processed by the cone sieve for milling and then the degerminator for germ separation. Then the corn grits without skin and germs enters into the corn milling machine for milling and then is discharged from the discharge hole. This is the whole technological process for maize milling plant. 

For maize peeling section, we adopt dry method and can realize high peeling rate of 90%. Our maize milling plant is the ideal choice for you in maize processing or corn processing project investment.