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120TPD Lentil Peeling and Splitting Plant in Canada

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Project Name: 120TPD Lentil Peeling and Splitting Plant in Canada

Process of full line

Cleaning → Peeling → Splitting → Grading → Color Sorting →Polishing → Packing

Lentil Peeling Complete Line --- Work flow

Raw material – Lentil



Peeled lentil --- Original whole shape



1. Peeled lentil is in whole shape without being broken.

2. Peel lentils by dry way, no need water.

3. Just once peeling, no need second or more times, which reduces loss and saves power. It is so far most advanced peeling technology in China.

4. Easy to operate and maintain, and no wear parts.

Split half lentil --- Cut in half shape after peeling by splitting machine

Some people prefers half shape to original whole shape. Therefore, after peeling, you need splitting machine.




1. Low breakage and loss, within 5% during splitting.

2. Patent technology and excellent performance.

3. Easy to operate. Machine is adjustable depending on different size of beans.