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Corn Flake and Flour Milling Purpose and Requirement

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What is corn flake and flour milling purpose and requirement? In the mixture which is extracted from the grits and germ separation section, germ and dregs density has little difference with granularity. And there also contains dregs granules adhered with germ and albumen in the mixture. According to different strength, we need adopt grinding and pressing method to press the germs with larger ductility, and to smash the albumen with smaller ductility. Then there has big difference between the two granularity. We use screening equipment to extract germs and screen the corn flour.

CORN FLAKE AND FLOUR MILLING requires suitable pressing and grinding to the mixed material. We should try to reduce the broken rate of germs to prevent the fat in the germs from penetrating into the corn flour. Meanwhile, we need to make the extracted germs contain less albumen. 

Beside corn flaking mill and flour milling purpose and requirement, we should also pay attention to the screening section. Due to big corn flour granularity, it is easily screened. We can use 16 layers of lattice to screen and the sieve can adopt metal sieve. The germ extraction screen is 8W-10W for 1B, 10W-12W for 2B, 14W-16W for 3B-5B. The screen for corn flour milling can be selected according to local diet habit.