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Corn Milling Machine Cleaning Technology

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Corn milling machine cleaning technology is similar with wheat cleaning technology. Because corn has big kernels, it is much easier to clean the small impurities compared with wheat. Therefore, corn milling machine cleaning flow is simple and the cleaning equipments are less than that of wheat. 

More details about corn milling machine cleaning technology and equipment.

1. Corn milling machine screening equipment

Corn milling machine screening equipment is the main equipment in corn cleaning section. We usually adopt vibrating screen and flat sieve. There are two sifters for the screening equipment. The first sifter adopts 3W metal sifter or sifter holes with diameter of 15-17mm to remove large impurities in the corn. The second sifter adopts 7W-8W sifter or holes with diameter of 2-2.2mm to remove small impurities. 

2. Corn milling machine destoner machine

Suction type of destoner machine is the main stone removing equipment. Because corn kernels are big, flat and has high suspension speed, the amplitude and air aspirating capacity of screen in processing corn is large. 

3. Magnetic equipment

Magnetic equipment usually adopts tublar magnet and magnetic field to remove the magnetic metal in the corn. 

4. Winnowing equipment

Corn has high suspension speed. So it is very effective to adopt suction type fo winnowing equipment to separate light impurities. We usually use vertical air suction duct or recycling airflow winnowing equipment to cooperate with screening equipment to remove light impurities. 

5. Moisture adjusting equipment

It consists of dampener and corn moisturing tank. 

The corn cleaning flow is listed as below:
Unprocessed corn—preliminary screening—unprocessed corn barn—screening—suction type of destoner machine—tublar magnet—net corn—moisture adjustment machine—corn moisturing tank