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Corn processing equipment operation matters

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As the rapid development of our agriculture and extensive application of food, corn processing equipment industry nowadays in the market has begun to occupy a certain market, and corn processing equipment industry is investors opt for more industry in recent years, because as the corn processing equipment research and development, corn can be processed into a variety of food, winning the recognition of people, the market prospects are very broad. So for corn processing equipment operators, there are some matters need to pay attention to, the following are the details:

  1. Strictly in accordance with the rules of operation, do well the safety protection measures, the performance of the corn processing equipment maintenance standards, beware of equipment working in spite of illness.
  2. Corn processing equipment in use to establish "quality the first" principles. That is basing on the premise of ensuring quality, and strive to improve flour yield and output value.
  3. In treating equipment, abide by "dead machine, live action" “old machine, new operation” rules. Equipment condition is not good and not complete, after correctly skills to maximize each equipment carry on operation efficiency, to produce outstanding results.
  4. In terms of corn processing equipment each system link, abide by the "catch the ends and care center". Namely "the road ahead powder powder and balanced, peel grinding scraping and grinding powder" of combining the criterion, such as, as far as possible to strengthen before peel grinding scraping rate and former central grinding the extraction rate of the heart, try best to decrease the not-sieve rate. Grinding machine grinding, grading discern, sieve sieve net, found bran peel not net, may strengthen the tail (skin) mill grinding and watch the running raw material leakage. Found bran contained too much powder, will probably strengthen the sieve posterior brush and the effect of bran machine, etc.
  5. Changes in operating corn processing equipment, abide by the "high stability and high degree of flexibility". When raw grain quality is stable, the demand for goods and powder road.