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New condition small scale maize flour mill production line

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Absorbing new technology, to minimize the problems&cost and maximize the customers’ benefit,  our engineer design a new condition small scale maize flour mill production line.

The production line CY–20 adopts the plane line design with partial double, line shape frame, joins the main processing equipment installation, and equipment been placed one word in a straight line. The set of assembly line structure is compact, safe and reliable, convenient, concise and beautiful, low cost  construction, high degree of automation, it could be designed PLC control according to clients’ demand. No special requirements to processing workshops, as long as you can install the production line. Reasonable designation, easy operation, full-automatic continuous operation.

This set production line combines the essence of the large and medium-sized corn processing technology, corn fully cleaning, peeling clean; high quality of the final corn grits and flour; output rate of the grits and flour can be adjusted flexibly. Operation and maintenance is convenient.


1). Adopts the plane line design, a whole frame, each bolt connection is put on the main frame, convenient in installation and maintenance; all of the production line fully automatic continuous operation, has no special requirement on processing workshops.

2). New, perfect technology, high reliability, suitable for various grains, produce different specifications of the high precious powder

3). Small power, high efficiency, flexible operation, easy maintenance.

4). Low invest which will reduce invest more than 50% than domestic counterparts; Always around the "simple, innovative, pragmatic and efficient" design concept

5). Occupy less workers, the whole production line only  need 1 worker operation, and the intensity of labor is low, it is also the most competitive place.

Engineering proposal

1)  Capacity  20 T/D

2)  Power: 47.5KW

3)  Plant dimension: 7m*3m*4.5m

4)  Electric consumption: less than 40 degrees per ton

5)  Noise and dust of the workshop reach the national standard

6)  Output rate  (the output rate varies with the quality of the raw corn, the size of the corn grits and the proportion of the corn flour and grit can be adjusted flexibly)



Output rate



corn grits


grade grits


corn flour


the largest amount of powder


corn bran




Technical parameter

Capacity:  20T/D

Yield rate: 60-80%

Total power: 47.5kw

Plant dimension: 7*3*4.5m

This set of producing line consist of one combination cleaning machine, one magnetic machine, four net material transporting and elevating machines, two polishing machines, one horizontal mill, one grading sieve, one single-bin plan sifter, suction system, and etc. Continuous working of corn elevating, air selecting, cleaning impurities, peeling, degerming, crushing, final products’ sieving and packaging. This set of production line adopts bucket elevator without high-pressure fan to highly reduce the energy consumption and the noise of the workshop. Moreover, all the production line just need one worker to operate.