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Solution for soybean Procedures

Bean processing plant

1. Brief introduction of bean processing plant
Bean processing plant refers to the bean preliminary cleaning and further peeling and milling plant, which can process beans with great efficiency and effectiveness. The processing process could be just including preliminary cleaning section, or including further cleaning, peeling and grinding into powder according to customers’ demand. Bean processing machines can process various kinds of beans, such as soybean, kidney bean, mung bean, navy bean, sword bean, pea, cowpea, chickpea, butter bean, lentil, broad bean, black soya bean, small red bean and so on.

2. The technology process of bean processing plant

The process of bean processing could be just preliminary cleaning with one or several sifters, destining machines and magnetic separators to get rid of the small, middle and big size impurities, such as dust, stone, stem, leaf, metal and etc. If customers demand to further cleaning and peeling of the beans, then more machines will be adopt to fulfill the task. Iron roll peeling machine and emery roll polishing machine will be used to separate the husks of from the whole bean kernel. Milling machine will be adopt to grind the clean kernel without husks into powder. Through several time sifting and grading, graded bean grits and flour will be final packed according to clients’ demand. The whole process could be designed to be fully automatic with PLC control system.

3. The process could be as below:

Preliminary cleaning—cleaning-peeling and polishing--grinding into grits and flour—sifting and grading—packing

4. The advantages of our bean processing plant
Reasonable design makes the working more conveniently and smoothly. Energy and labor saving. The whole process could be designed to be fully automatic according to customer’s demand thus to reduce the labor and working strength. Low investment due to high efficient working and lower consumption. Easy to install, operate and maintain due to reasonable and humanistic design.

5. Main sets of bean processing plant

My factory could supply sets of bean processing plant of 1T/H—10T/H lentil cleaning plant, 0.5T/H-10T/H lentil cleaning and splitting plant;


120TPH Lentil Cleaning and Splitting Plant in Canada