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Wheat Milling

wheat is one of the most important grains. In order to produce high-quality finished products, an optimized milling process is essential. King Shine offers a wide range of technologies and services to ensure consistent finished product quality with maximum yield. As one of the main components of the human diet, efficient processing of wheat is crucial. An optimized wheat handling process ensures the highest yield while maintaining a consistent finished product quality. Additionally, the importance of food safety has increased tremendously in recent years. Food production processes need to be free of contaminants and completely traceable. We are able to provide 50-1000TPD wheat milling line with state of the art technology.  Learn more >

Corn/Maize Milling

Corn has been referred to as "the cereal of the future" due to its high nutritional value and the wide utilization of its products and by-products. Thus corn processing is vitally important for the human society. King Shine offers cutting-edge process technologies for the production of high-quality & high-output flour and grits. We provide innovative solutions tailored to the customer’s needs. our technology makes it possible to achieve a rapid return on investment through outstanding product quality and high yields. King Shine offers complete milling plants, upgrades and enlargements of plants for the processing of various types of corn used in the production of semolina, grits for beer, hominy grits for corn flakes and other products obtained through the different technologies applied (humid, semi-humid and dry degermination).  Learn more >

Beans & Sesame Cleaning

Foreign materials and other contaminants introduced during the harvest, transport and storage of the grain must be removed. The removal of such impurities guarantees the quality of the end products, by reducing ash content, specks, and factors influencing odor and flavor. King Shine grain-cleaning machines separate defects from grains with maximal precision on the basis of variable physical properties: size, magnetic response, equilibrium velocity, density, length, shape, firmness and color. King Shine‘s expert knowledge in the pulses processing industry reflect in the solutions and services that we offer; complete solutions from pre-cleaning, storage, cleaning, grading, optical sorting, grinding to hulling, splitting, bagging and other additional support services such as engineering, project management of plants and pulses by-product processing.  Learn more >

Lentil hulling & splitting plant

hulled & split lentil are popular and highly demanded in Ethiopia,Turkey and India etc. To process lentil in a high efficient way becomes more and more important in today’s world. King Shine machinery offers turn-key project solution for our clients with mature technology and durable equipment which can get split lentil by cleaning, hulling, splitting, polishing, sorting and packing. We are able to provide lentil hulling and splitting lines capacity ranging from 1 ton to 20ton per hour.  Learn more >