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To meet the needs of users is our efforts to build; customer's satisfaction is our pursuit. We dare to do continuous innovation, beyond myself, challenge limitation, and striving to provide customers with one hundred percent of the high quality products, always adhering to quality to build brand, enhancing service to improve brand.

01/ Turn-key solution

KINGSHINE can realize the whole process including project design, superstructure construction, machinery production, assembly and commissioning for its valuable customers.
02/ Production
One of the outstanding features of human being is the ability to produce“Not only the product we also produce quality.”The feature distinguishing KINGSHINE from other companies is, that we accept production not only as output, but also as a facility to add value and benefit to our life comfort.
03/ Engineering

Operation of a production plant or a mill at high performance depends on the power and of the machinery used along with efficient use of space.Machinery suitable for the required capacity should be selected, most appropriate location should be chosen aesthetically and details required for design and production of other equipment should be provided.We produce tailor made solutions for you in our process department in order to achieve the highest performance in your mills.
04/ Customer Service

We, as a company that leads its sector in many fields, always adopt customer satisfaction as a principle.
05/ Steel Building Constructions

Another service of KINGSHINE is, to realize all superstructure constructions, primarily architectural. Electro-mechanic design and steel building constructions within the scope of turnkey-basis projects.
06/ Grain Storage & Handling Systems

We carefully monitor all developments in manufacturing and assembly processes of our partners from the beginning to the delivery to ensure high quality. We provide full engineering service for maintaining safety, efficiency and profit which introduce convenience to you with quality control, treatment, transfer and plant management during storage.