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Lentil Cleaning Peeling and Splitting Production Line

Feature: A lentil cleaning, hulling and splitting processing line is used to remove impurities from lentil and remove the lentil’s seed coat and split it into two pieces.

  • Lentil Cleaning Peeling and Splitting Production Line


A lentil cleaning, hulling and splitting processing line is used to remove impurities from lentil and remove the lentil’s seed coat and split it into two pieces. With experience of different varieties of oversea lentil, and several technical development, Kingshine innovated this processing line with big advantages of mature technology, steady operation and competitive price compared with European equipment.

Lentil Cleaning Peeling and Splitting Production Linetechnology introduction

1.Cleaning technology introduction

The aim of cleaning is to prepare the material for following kernel making section, and to get high capacity with low operation cost to get pure raw material with high quality.

For this purpose, raw material will be lifted to high efficiency vibrating sieve through elevator to remove the big, small and small impurities, equipped with vertical air assumption channel removing the light impurities from the raw material; the material processed by vibrating sieve will enter into gravity classifying destoner to get rid of the large gravity impurities such as stone and etc. After that the material will be through the magnetic separator to be removed the magnetic impurities to get clean material.

2、introduction of grading, peeling , polishing and kernel making technology

Hulling craft adopts technology of “classified peeling and multilevel light running”; firstly with one grading sift hulling and polishing the material according to different grain particle size thus to reduce the final products’ broken rate and increase the high quality of the final products. Hulling and polishing adopt twice emery roll milling to peel and once polishing; Emery roller grinding machine takes advantage of silicon carbide with high rotary speed to continuously cut and rub the raw grain cortex; and the extrusion and friction between sieve plate and grain, and equipped with vertical air assumption channel to get rid of the light impurities from the raw material. Then the material enter into gravity destoner to get rid of the high gravity impurities such as stones; then magnetic separators are used to remove magnetic impurities from the raw material to get clean material.

After peeling and polishing the material adopt high square plansifter  sifting out of broken kernels in the finished product then enter the color sorter. Color sorter is used to select cereals with different colors according to color difference between material. The cereals from first time selecting enter secondary color selecting and enter into discolored cereals packing cabinet and the kaged product promotion directly to the dock cushioning and into electronic weighing packing, finally get pure high-quality bean kernels packing.

3、Auxiliary equipment

3.1、Mechanical conveying

Cereal and grain with vertical conveyor, bucket elevator with a strong wear resistance, four sails above the material bucket made of polyurethane plastic.

Miscellaneous application of horizontal screw conveyor (twists Dragon), machineryand transportation equipment by gravity flow pipe, material flow and so on. Conveyor, material for cold-rolled steel sheet, thickness 2-5mm

3.2、Pneumatic conveying

Powder materials adopts high pressure blower, air pipes, cyclone dust filter, air lock valve, chain couplings, pipe, composed of induction feeders. Selection of the new6-30 series high pressure fan, take high negative pressure suction cyclone unloading, customs wind pushing principle under the wind transport purposes and there is no dust, the workshop is clean.

3.3、De-dust system

Lentil cleaning peeling and splitting production line adopts several groups of high and low pressure de-dust network, one set of cleaning equipment, one set of high pressure air conveying equipment; all the de-dust section is made up of rotary filter, air lock valve and air volume regulating valve which adopts butterfly valve or gate valve configured on the fan inlet side and the competent operational parts to ensure hygiene requirements for the production workshop.

3.4、Electrical control system

1.Follow the principles of safe, practical and reliable electrical control design, electrical control routine control, electrical components are standard, cables and cable bridge owned by the user.


All operations performed on the operator panel of the control cabinet, the switchKNOB (with light) led of the combinations correctly reflects all the equipment operating condition.

3.4.2  In the upper part of the control cabinet fitted with a voltage meter and ampere meter, taking into account the host device's safety, set in the control cabinet air switch, thermal relays, protection against short circuit and overload fault, in the event of a failure, the overhaul is convenient.

3.4.3 On the control panel settings "emergency stop" button for emergency shut down all equipment to ensure safety.

二、  Technical parameter

1. raw material

raw material

Pure grain rate

Moisture content


Color, smell








正常 normal 




4.  main design index

4.1  Capacity: 5TPH Lentil

4.2  Overall dimension: l*w*h=30*8*11M; Adopts steel frame structure which can greatly reduce construction investment; final products bin is customized.

4.3 Power consumption: all the power of cleaning section, polishing, hulling, kernels making, grading, color sorting, packaging section is about 374.88kw.

4.4  Workshop environment: Dust concentration in the air of workplace ≤ 10mg/M3,Dust concentrations in outdoor air of ≤ 150mg/M3

5、products structure and yield rate

1) Clean rate is above 98%;

2)  Lentil kernel is about 85% of which the broken rate is 3-5%;

3 By-products: lentil husks and powder rate is about 15%; material consumption ≤1%

三、Equipment advantages                                   

Professional peeling machine with adjustment function, and high rates of net, afterelections dealing with removing rate of net lentils accounted for less than 2%;

1. Multistage light grinding process, broken rate of finished lentil kernel is as low as 3-5%;

2. Equipment of high quality, peeling machine with NSK bearings, color sorter using the domestic first-class equipment. Equipment warranty period of two years, lifetime is more than ten years;

3.Technology of proven, mature and reliable, while prices compared to European equipment advantages.


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